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Desmopressin Acetate


  • NOCDURNA can cause hyponatremia, which may be lifethreatening if severe
  • NOCDURNA is contraindicated in patients at increased risk of severe hyponatremia, such as patients with excessive fluid intake, illnesses that can cause fluid or electrolyte imbalances, and in those using loop diuretics or systemic or inhaled glucocorticoids. 
  • Ensure serum sodium concentration is normal before starting or resuming NOCDURNA. Measure serum sodium within 1 week and approximately 1 month after initiating therapy and periodically during treatment. More frequently monitor serum sodium in patients 65 years of age and older and in patients at increased risk of hyponatremia.
  • If hyponatremia occurs, NOCDURNA may need to be temporarily or permanently discontinued

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Desmopressin Acetate

Updated July 2018