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Fatal and Serious Toxicities: Infections, Diarrhea or Colitis, Cutaneous Reactions, and Pneumonitis


  • Fatal and/or serious infections occurred in 31% of COPIKTRAtreated patients. Monitor for signs and symptoms of infection. Withhold COPIKTRA if infection is suspected.

Diarrhea or Colitis

  • Fatal and/or serious diarrhea or colitis occurred in 18% of COPIKTRA-treated patients. Monitor for the development of severe diarrhea or colitis. Withhold COPIKTRA.

Cutaneous Reactions

  • Fatal and/or serious cutaneous reactions occurred in 5% of COPIKTRA-treated patients. Withhold COPIKTRA.


  • Fatal and/or serious pneumonitis occurred in 5% of COPIKTRAtreated patients. Monitor for pulmonary symptoms and interstitial infiltrates. Withhold COPIKTRA

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Updated October 2018