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Cardiac Toxicities; Tumor Lysis Syndrome; Pumonary Toxicity; Dyspnea; Hyprertension

Cardiac Toxicities

  • Death due to cardiac arrest has occurred within one day of Kyprolis administration. In randomized, open-label, multicenter trials for combination therapies, the incidence of cardiac failure events was 8% and that of arrythmias was 8% (majority of which were atrial fibrillation and sinus tachycardia)

Tumor Lysis Syndrome

  • Administer oral and intravenous fluids before administration of Kyprolis in Cycle 1 and in subsequent cycles as needed. Consider uric acid-lowering drugs in patients at risk for TLS

Pulmonary Toxicity

  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and acute respiratory failure have occurred in approximately 2% of patients who received Kyprolis. In addition, acute diffuse infiltrative pulmonary disease, such as pneumonitis and interstitial lung disease, occurred in approximately 2% of patients who received Kyprolis 


  • Dyspnea was reported in 25% of patients treated with Kyprolis.


  • Hypertension, including hypertensive crisis and hypertensive emergency, has been observed with Kyprolis. In ASPIRE, the incidence of hypertension events was 17% in the KRd arm versus 9% in the Rd arm. In ENDEAVOR, the incidence of hypertension events was 34% in the Kd arm versus 11% in the Vd arm. In CANDOR, the incidence of hypertension events was 31% in the DKd arm versus 27% in the Kd arm. Some of these events have been fatal.
  • Optimize blood pressure prior to starting Kyprolis. Monitor blood pressure regularly in all patients while on Kyprolis. If hypertension cannot be adequately controlled, withhold Kyprolis and evaluate. Consider whether to restart Kyprolis based on a benefit/risk assessment.

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Updated September 2020